Purple Sun Glasses?



Since the sun has decided to make an appearance, I have had a slight addiction to sun glasses, i feel like they change a whole outfit. Normally i go with the safe option of black lenses but today was different, today i went for a bright pinky purple shade which excites me a lot!


Believe it or not these were from a fair which was near me for only five pounds, but, that’s not the exciting part, its that its made from the brand Ray Ban like seriously i never thought i would own a pair of these!




There were lots of different styles and colours but these seems to catch my eye as soon as i went over, i instantly tried them on fell in love, put the current pair i was wearing in my bag and put these on! They are so pretty and i think they are quite Instagram worthy don’t you?



Oh look, well i couldn’t do a blog post about my new glasses without having an excuse to take a selfie with them on! I hope you enjoyed this small blog post about my new purchase!


Stylishly Yours


Hannah x



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