Recent haul

Who doesn’t love a good competiton, well, after entering many of them these are my recent wins! I am in love with them, first was the New Gate Clock which has my name on, and a pair of LOTD high heels. They are both so pretty! 

Anyway, on to the haul. Recently I have been getting a few things, a pair of trainers being one of them. My last trainers were getting quite old and a bit ruined as I have had them for six years so I decided to get an upgrade, I have always wanted some Nike trainers, I feel like they look so pretty, I picked up here black ones with a white base and pink logo, they are made for running mainly which is good because I have started running now (wow I know, me, running!) and I also use them for my regular zumba sessions too. I also picked up a l’oreal nail varnish in a bronze champagne shade. 

I went into Next, which I don’t normally do but I found these two beautiful tops, one being an off the shoulder white pompon style top, and a black and white top with a triangle cut of the back which I really like because it’s something different to what I usually do.

Next I went into Primark which their summer wear is so good this year, I saw so many nice things. So I picked up some purple shorts with pom-poms on the bottom which when I got home the other day I was wear the white pompon top from next and chucked on my shorts to relax in and I looked a bit POMPOM CRAZY! 

I have a Bikini bag which I thought was quite handy for sticky sun cream and things like that, I have a material one but this is more of a plasticy one its easier to wipe down. Next I bought two pairs of flip flops one In which is Glittery! And a black, white and pink pair, I find them quite handy for the garden as when I spend a whole day wearing them they seems to break so I end up with no shoes on! 

Lastly some bed wear from Primark, a light white dressing gown which I was in desperate need of because I only have thick ones for winter and I like to use them for when I have my coffee in the garden when it gets a bit warmer. When I saw this checkered long top I fell in love with it because I just think it’s so handy and casual, also since it’s starting to get so hot at night I find that these sorts of things are a bit lighter! 

Please leave a comment of some post ideas of what you’d like to see on GlitterMelody. 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x


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