A girly day out!

Jade and I wanted to have another adventure, but we didn’t really know where we wanted to go, the original plan was to meet at the train station and pick somewhere.ma spontaneous trip! A couple of days before I decided to suprise Jade by picking somewhere along with planning a few things to do whilst we were there. It was quite a fun experience of messaging Jade only saying to meet me at 8:30 am and to bring swimming things! 

I took her to Torquay because this is a place we had wanted to go a while ago but due to expensive train fares we had to put that on hold. I looked up on the Internet if some places to go whilst we were there. The first place we went was the Riviera swimming pool where I have been a few times before and loved it, but this time I found out that they have a members area where you can get a limited day pass for £6.50 for the members wet facilities like the jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and pool! 

After hours on end swapping between the wet facilities and looking like wrinkly lobsters, we were very hungry so I took her to pizza express where I had some vouchers so we both had pizza and fudge cake which I loved because pizza and chocolate is my favourite! 

To finish the day off we decided to have a look around the shops, walk around the gardens and of course pick up a Cafe Nero because that is really unsual (jokes!) it was lovely to have a girlie day with my best friend and go a bit spontaneous for the day. 

Pretty sand art! 

 Hope you like this day in the life post

stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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