Benefit They're Real colours! #realcolours

The other day I recieved these beautiful makeup products from Benefit, I was so shocked and happy when I saw them, and after using them for a while I really wanted to show them off to you all! 

My favourite high end makeup brand, Benefit have brought out new products in their ‘They’re Real’ range, as you may know they are well known for their amazing They’re Real mascara and eye liner in black and now after being so successful, they have brought out coloured versions which I am in love with! The mascara’s now come in black, brown and blue. The eyeliners in blue, purple, green and brown. 

The package came in a beautiful box which included the brown mascara and the blue eye liner which I was so happy about because it can give me chance to experiment with colours, as I like to stick to black and more black! Also in the box was im guessing was limited addition M&M’s in the colours they are bringing out which I thought was a lovely touch. 

The mascara wand is really well thought out, because the wand is produced so that your lashes can be lengthened and thickened with a tip to make the lashes which are difficult to get to, for example the outer and bottom lashes, this gives my lashes every thing I want to get that instagram worthy eye! The shades of these are quite bright in some lights and then dark in others! 

I know eye liner is the hardest thing to do but seriously with this eye liner it’s one of the easiest! The tip is long and thin leaving you with that clean easy line, my eye lining is so much better since using this. The shades of these aren’t bright but they are still so beautiful as otherwise it’ll look like we are going out partying! 

I highly recommend this range because they add a bit of creativity into your look. Also I was playing around with they eye liner and if you have a little bit on the back of your hand and mix it with a liquid highlighter then you can create a cream eye shadow! 

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Benefit for giving me these products, I was so shocked and happy when I recieved them! 

I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x

*i was kindly given these products from Benefit to review on my blog


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