How I wash my brushes

When it comes to keeping my brushes clean, I’m rubbish, but when I do i like to use a sensitive face wash mixed in a sink of water. This way, it’s not too bubbly and won’t add any unwanted chemicals onto my face, I use Simple Kind to skin Moisturising facial wash to do this. 

What I do is run a sink of warm water and mix around a little face wash in, I only try to get the bristles into the water and not any higher other wise the glue which holds the bristles will end up breaking and that when you find that your brushes fall apart. I will normally run a fresh sink full a few times to ensure my brushes are clean. Lastly I will lay my brushes out by an open window so fresh, clean air can dry them. 

I have a range of brushes from Real Techniques to basic Ebay brushes and Revlon, I highly recommend the Real Techniques brushes as they apply makeup to a high quality, but if you would like a cheaper alternative then I would say Revlon ones are also very good! 

I hope your all enjoying the sun.

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x


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