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Recently I’ve been reading the Girl on the train and I’m loving it, but I heard that Paper Towns by John Green is coming out in a movie form. When The Fault in our Stars came out I wanted to read the book first as I’ve never really been a big reader, so I’d never done it before, I loved imagining all the characters then comparing them to the film.

 haven’t read any of the book yet but I am definitely going to be starting after I have written this post, but when I saw that it had 305 pages I thought it was very long (Bare in mind I don’t really read so it takes me forever to read a book!). Paper towns, my mind is going wild with what the story line could be, is it quite literal so someone is build up there paper town and travelling to find what part to build, or is it something completely different

When I read the back of the book, Margo seems quite mysterious and maybe quite popular. Quentin I guess is quite the opposite where he likes to keep himself to himself. I feel like the train of breadcrumbs is so mysterious and the main part of the storyline of where he finds clues to where she might be so a bit like a murder mystery with I’m guessing a bit of romance in which I always love! 

I am defiantly excited to read this and see who the real Margo is and whether they fall in love! 

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