Positive Vibes

Since being at college I have had a different trail of thought, negativity used to be a regular occurrence throughout secondary school and when I came to college I wanted to change, there isn’t enough happiness in the world and I know that’s quite big The world’ but I feel if I am positive then I will hopefully let out positive vibes to others around me, and they will do the same until the world is a happier place. Well that’s the idea anyway!

I wanted to share with you how I like to stay positive which therefore makes me and others around me happy. I came across this post idea after a girl said to me at college ‘I admire your positivity, you just seem to be so happy and you never let anything get you down’ I found this heart warming and it made me so happy to hear this so I decided that I’d get some ideas together so I can share my happiness! 

So let’s start with when bad things or something doesn’t go to plan, we can get so upset and angry about this that we start to get more and more negative, we even start getting upset with things which aren’t related to that thing. When this happens personally I stop and give myself a pep talk (most the time out loud!) ‘Look Hannah, I’m still alive and healthy. tomorrow you will forget all about this and you’ll look back and think well its all okay now’ and i will laugh it off!

I will often just tell someone what is annoying me, most of the time as im telling them i will be thinking, ‘Really? I’m angry about this? It sounds slightly silly now!’

Sometimes when its the right situation, I will walk away, and go for a walk, have a coffee, go out with friends to take my mind off it so when i come back to it ill start afresh.

These may work for you or you might find a better way of being positive.

Happy Thoughts Everybody!

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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