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It’s one of those days where it’s raining and i have to catch up with the admin which is involved in writing my blog, but i have decided to set that aside so i can have my coffee and show you my recent go to products which i am using at the moment.


I have found a product which if you have reading for quite a while then you will remember that i was always on about and that is the Max Factor lipstick in the shade Midnight Mauve. After wearing it the other day i am still very in love with the colour, how moisturising the formula is and that its suitable for both nights out and casual which is always a bonus for a handbag essential.



In the top right of this photo is my recent purchase, one of those products which i brought ages ago. The past months i have been obsessed with bronzers and contouring, i think it was ever since i went to the Benefit Bloggers event! In the past i have found many i love, for example Sleek’s contouring kit and the Bourjois chocolate bronzer but i wanted to try out others. Collection isn’t a brand ive ever really tried so i thought id give it a go, i picked up the Bronze Glow Shimmering Powder, i love it! It gives a slight shimmer and i chose the medium shade because i thought this looked the better darkness compared to the lighter one.


If you would like me to do a ‘How to contour and highlight’ post, please let me know as i know that its quite tricky to master!



There are two eye products which I am loving and they are the Benefit They’re Real mascara which I wrote a blog post about a couple of weeks ago if you would like an in depth review then it’ll be on there, but I just find that it gives a great finish without clumps, they create long thick lashes which I love! I feel like the brown formula makes the lashes look more natural. 

 This next product isn’t a new brand to me, Seventeen has been a great eye shadow brand for me but I treated my self a month ago to the gold, purple and green palette. I mainly use the gold shade, with purple though my crease, I only ever use the green to darken the eyes but I love that it’s highly pigmented and stays on all day, I would say the gold is a. Ice gold shade if you get what I mean, it’s not too orange. 



  Lastly is the Max Factor nail varnish in a shimmery bronze shade which I love to paint on my finger nails as we all know my nails aren’t that amazing but this is really helping me to grow them! I find that two thin layers are much more effective that one thick layer as you hugest more shimmer coming though. 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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