Want a flawless body, using only one product!

I know the feeling, that feeling of flicking through endless photos on Pinterest of that perfect summer body. I have found a product which will help cellulite and dimples disappear leaving you with healthier, younger skin. 

I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and have seen dramatic results on my thighs especially, I use this every morning and night, this isn’t sticky and moist when applied, so no flapping your arms trying to dry them before putting on your clothes! 

The scent to this isn’t to my taste but to be honest the results it gives, I don’t think I really mind what it smells like, and when I first opened it I was actually really surprised by the colour as normally creams are white so I was intrigued to see what this was like. I sometimes used this instead of a moisturiser as i find that on my skin it leaves my skin smooth while working through the skin. 

When I was reading up about this I was shocked by how many ingredients went into this! 

This firmed my skin whilst evening my skin tone, I found out that this it stimulates the blood flow circulation to tone and tighten skin which is always a bonus! 

Personally I love the Cellulite Cream and I will continue to use this morning and night to make sure my skin stays as beautiful as it’s become, also I’d like to say that since using this product my skin is so much smoother and I’m like those girls on Vine, making everyone stroke my legs! Casual. . . 

Website: www.amazon.co.uk/stream/ref=nav_upnav_

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I hope that your all enjoying the sun and beginning to develop a tan! 

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x

* This was kindly given to me by Insta Natural to review 


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