Want to reduce scarring and stretch marks?


As you can probably guess by the title, I’ve decided that I’m going to shared with you my secret weapon to reducing scars and stretch marks.
I recently discovered the Stretch mark and Scar cream by Insta Natural a few of weeks ago and after only a week of applying it morning and night i noticed a real difference of how strong they were the redness of them had been reduced which is great as you don’t notice them so much!
Although my stretch marks are on the top of my thighs and i have a few scars on my feet from blisters etc, I actually use this all over my skin to prevent any scarring and marks appearing, i find that this product moisturises as well which is a bonus as we all love two in one products!


Since using this product twice a day for around two and a half weeks the marks have nearly disappeared which is perfect timing for the beach season just around the corner!

The scent is made up of cocoa and mango butter which is defiantly of the better smells of the range which restores the skin whilst making your skin smooth and silky, Vitamin C in the product is a big part to helping to reducing the scars and making the skin look youthful and firming the skin up again.


Insta Natural Cream: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Stretch-Mark-Cream-Moisturizing-InstaNatural/dp/B00O14R17Q


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* I was kindly given this product to review on my blog from Insta Natural




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