Why I'm a coupon and store card lover!

When it comes to shopping I love to save a bit of money here and there, even if it’s ten pence, it all adds up! I’m forever looking up coupons and vouchers, I’m known for my huge, over filled purse and taking ages at the till searching through my stash to see if I can use one. So I’m going to go through my money saving tips to help us all save a bit of cash! 

Store cards: 

This is probably one of my most used ways of saving money, I have a card for everything, every shop I go into I most probably have the card. If you aren’t too sure about what these are, they are where you can give them in when you make purchases in store and then most time for every pound you spend you get one point, doesn’t sound like a lot does it? Well they mount up! What I like to do is not spend any of my points for at least five years or so, then have a mini shopping spree with my points. The down fall with this option is that you have millions of cards in your purse and it’s hard to keep going through them all to find the one you want. 

Coupons/ Vouchers:

This is one which I love and hate because you can save so much money from all these ‘half price’ ‘buy one get one free’ etc. but it’s hard to not recieve junk at the same time and find coupons which your actually going to use, not just buying for the sake of the voucher! Places like Boots and Superdrug can sometimes send you vouchers, Whsmiths tend to give out McDonald’s, and Burger King vouchers, literally if you keep an eye out there are loads just being given away and we just chuck it away… For example at the bottom of receipts you can get vouchers and I bet you never give a second thought about entering those surveys at the bottom of the store receipt to win £2000 etc, you got to be in it to win! 

O2 Priority: 

Are you on O2? Then your in luck, because if you download the O2 Priority app on your phone then you can recieve discounts, freebies and enter competitions. There are freebies like Cafe Nero drinks The funny thing is, right now I’m writing this in Cafe Nero where I received a free coffee from O2, Hotel Chocolate goodies and Halfords car wash. 

Money saving websites: 

You could spend hours on the Internet searching for vouchers but I have a couple websites here if you’d like to have a look! 

Money supermarket expert

Voucher cloud 

Voucher codes

Happy saving! 

I hope you enjoyed more of a tips and tricks post

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x


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