Blogger Event: Benefit They're Real Colour

I was kindly invited back to Benefit to learn about the new They’re Real Colour Range. I have been waiting for colour to come back into ‘fashion’ for a very long time, I always remember when I was around 11, receiving my first eye shadow set which included lots of bright shades like orange, green, blue, yellow… I know crazy huh? These colours were my childhood, I loved going to parties and putting on my blue shadow! 

It was lovely to see the girls from around my area again, as there isn’t that many blogger events down this end on the country. 

We had our base make up on, so we just got straight into our eyes. We started by using the ‘it’s potent’ eye cream which was a really light formula and didn’t leave the skin sticky, this reduces under eye circles and gives a good base for the makeup to be applied on to. 

Next we used the ‘Erase Paste’ I found that this was quite peachy, this actually helped to help reduce the darkness a lot more than other products that I have used in the past. 

Starting now on the eye makeup itself, we used the ‘Creaseless Cream eye shadow’ in the shade Bikini-Tini which is a beautiful Ouster pink colour along with a Longwear Powder Shadow in a similar colour. 

I don’t normally do anything to my brows but we needed to do our brows (we used the Brow Zings) before eyeliner, a tip I’d like to tell you is that if you do your brows before then your eyeliner (the purple They’re Real) will go on with ease! Follow the wing with the end of your brow. Having the purple eye liner we decided to go for the Blue mascara, which can I say is amazing! 

We did one eye at a time to see the difference. 

I had a lovely morning and it was great to learn about the new Colour They’re Real products! 

If your interested in the They’re Real colour products then here’s the link:

Have you tried any of the They’re real colour range? 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x


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