Hippie Chic Sunglasses

I have an obsession with sunglasses. The round style is probably my favourite because it best fits my face shape. I have seen over at Hippie Chic that they have some really quirky sunnies which aren’t really that expensive. After falling in love with pretty much every pair on sunglasses, I decided to go with the Blake – Round Baby Pink Sunglasses. I chose these mainly because of the blue mirrors as they give off a fun, quirky feel to a basic outfit.

The baby pink surround goes so well with the blue lenses which actually really surprised me because they are quite contrasting colours so I thought they could clash but it adds a funky feel to it! These are only £16 which I think is really good for them because they are really strong and well made so I can’t imagine them breaking easily.

They are so fun aren’t they, I’m looking at them now and I’m just loving them so much! This style has become really popular recently. I have been styling a lot of pastels together this month so this will be great to incorporate brighter shade with that. Also as you can tell, they are so photogenic, I loved taking the photos of them for this post!

Hippie Chic along with their range of sunglasses, they also have some really cute watches, earrings, hats, necklaces and bracelets too which I am loving!

What do your go to sunglasses look like?

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x

* I was kindly given these products to feature on my blog. 


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