How I Get My Summer Glow

I noticed some fun and healthy conversations happening over at Aloha! So i wanted to show you an insight into what i use to get a summer glow ranging from makeup, skincare, food, and some drinks too! 

Firstly, is my go to bronzer which i can’t leave the house without, and it’s the Collection Bronzer in the shade medium. I find that bronzer really finishes off a look, and brings out your natural glow on the forehead, cheek bones, nose and chin. I use the medium shade because i love a good bronzer, personally the light shade doesn’t show that well on my skin tone. 

Having a summer glow isn’t finished without a confident smile! I feel most confident when I wear a red lipstick, recently I have been loving the Rimmel Kate Moss in shade 12, it’s a bright red but with a slight orange tone to it, also if you wear a red lip it shows your tan off more! 

In the UK we don’t get long, hot summers so i tend to use a gradual tan to achieve a glow as full tan’s don’t really suit me, i’m not one to look like an orange either! 

In the past i have tried many Gradual Tan’s and have always gone to this affordable tan by Superdrug, Solitan and i use this right after i have a shower all over my body. I love it because it gives you a natural tan whilst not leaving you sticky. 

Chia Seeds, I have wanted to try these for the longest time, so eventually picked them up about a month ago and i find that they work so well to give you all the nutrients that the skin needs to become healthy and smooth. I usually have them in a smoothie or on top of yoghart. The idea of these are that when you eat them they slowly expand so then they fill you up so you get hungry so fast. 

The last two things which help you to thagt summer glow are two drinks, the first one being a glass of water with slices of cucumber in, this is great for those of you who aren’t big lovers of water so i love to put these cucumbers in to infuse a nice taste into it if you get what i mean… Water helps to clear you skin to have a healthy, base for your makeup/tan. 

The other drink is green tea which is probably best if you have once a day as tea tends to stain your teeth, but this has alot of good nutrients which also help to have clear and healthy skin, i love to have it in a cute tea cup as its ten times cuter that way!

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What do you have/use to get a summer glow? 

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