Yesterday I picked up the Intergalactic bath bomb from Lush, so I thought I’d do an ‘old style’ post and show you an insight of the bath bomb. Firstly, I’d like to say that I am in love with the name it reminds me of galaxies, and the bright colours on the bomb shows that off so well. A few years ago I use to love learning about galaxies, space and the stars, my friend used to teach me at holiday camps in the summer. 

This especially caught my eye because of the bright colours involved, It just gives me a sense that so many different colours are going to seep out of the blueness. I was quite worried that I was going to come out of the bath like a smurf, as when I was holding it in Lush my hands were covered in blue powder! 

When I placed this into the hot bath, it was one of the most fizziest bombs I’ve had from Lush so far, it didn’t move around the bath like others in the past, but it turned my bath blue straight away! The scent of warm minty toothpaste was very strong which surprisingly started to made me go tingly like it was soothing my skin! After about a minute the colours started to seep it’s way out from the blue, one by one, pink, white, yellow, green…. I saw that the colours swirled like the galaxies you see in the books it looked so pretty! I actually found that the bath bomb fizzed so fast that it was really hard to get photos of all the colours swirling! 

I really liked the intergalactic bath bomb, and I think it would have to go up with my favourites along with Dragon Egg, Candy Mountain, and the Magic Star Wand. 

Have you tried the Intergalactic bath bomb? What were your thoughts on it? 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x 


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