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I received an email from the lovely people over at asking to put together an outfit using Saint Laurent based around the the iconic Saint Laurent Le Smoking Tuxedo jacket, a smart jacket which is lovely to make a modern, smart evening style, So I have put together an outfit which I’d love to wear to an evening out, or I can imagine wearing this to any fashion events I may be going to. I have put these items together to make it kind of classy so it can be worn any season! 

To go with the iconic Saint Laurent Le Smoking Tuxedo jacket, I have decided to choose this beautiful gold polka dot blouse as I think this is a smart casual top which will look amazing under the jacket. I also chose this because the top bow will sit slightly over the top, along with the cuffs coming slightly out under the jacket sleeves. 

I would tuck the polka blouse in these smart shorts which is the same material as the jacket so the outfit can match and not look to mix match. Being tucked in will give the look tidy and modern. 

To bring out the gold on the top, I have decided to go brave with these stunning gold heeled shoes. I find that the shiny gold on the blouse and the shimmer on the shoes will look amazing together and I’ll add a bit of class! 

To accessorise the look I am adding a fedora hat as I love them because they are in the current trends. Fedora hats are stunning in both winter and summer. 

To finish the outfit I’m choosing this small black bag with gold detailing on the strap and logo so it can pull out the top and shoes, to be the outfit together. I wanted to keep this modern, fashionable outfit to two colours black and gold because I have seen this a lot in recent fashions and I’m a big fan of the colours together! 

If you would like to see any of these items:

Check out Far Fetch:

Do you own anything from Saint Laurent? Would you wear this outfit? 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x

*All photos are from the Far Fetched website on the Saint Laurent page. 


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