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Today I am collaborating with Charlotte, who is a beauty blogger over on, She is a very lovely, sweet girl and its been very fun collaborating with her! Over on my blog i am going to be showing you a variety of my favourite summer lipsticks and on Charlotte’s blog she’ll be showing you her summer blushes so you can have a mixture of summery products for this season!


If you have been reading for a while, you might know that i love lipsticks, i find that it finishes off a makeup look so well, and experimenting with lipsticks is why it takes me so long to get ready in the mornings. When i think of summer, i picture bright shades, nudes and pinks, so i have sorted out all the lippy’s i own and have picked ten to show you!




Mac | Lovelorn

A pale pink shade which is very moisturising so it leaves a slight shine. This is a perfect shade for those summery beach days when you just want a colour lip which isn’t too bright/ out there, i would say that i use this one the most as it’s an everyday lippy.


Rimmel Kate Moss | 26

I wanted to include a nude shade because everyone in summer needs a nude in their collection and i have chosen this product as its not a brown nude, as i found that some are a funny shade of nude. I find that this is quite drying on the lips so i would wear a lip balm underneath so it doesn’t dry your lips.  


Rimmel Apocalips | Aurora

This is like a melted down lipstick which is a bright Barbie pink, if applied heavily it can look very dramatic but i like to apply this will a separate lip brush so it isn’t so out there, doing this it’s a lot like the Mac Lovelorn where you could wear this as an everyday lipstick as it goes with pretty much anything.


Bourjois Shine Edition | 20

As you can tell this is a lipstick where its going to leave a bit of shone to the lips, i have loved this product for years and its been my go to lipstick throughout the summer’s. The pinky orange shade is such a pretty, girly colour which i especially love to wear when i have a brown smokey eye as i feel like i am most confident when i pair these together. Whenever i wear this, i tend to get lots of compliments and everyone seems to notice it.


Rimmel Kate Moss | 101

If you hve been following for a few years now i have been loving this pastel pink shade lipstick since day one and i get many questions asking why is it a weird shape and this is because i love it that much! This is also a dupe for the Mac lipstick that i have mentioned but this has a much more of a drying formula compared to the Mac one.


Avon | Pink

I love this Pink lipstick for those casual, nights out as it has a lot of shimmer in, it finishes off a basic look so well. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, gold always catches my eye as i automatically think that the product is going to be of high quality and i would defiantly say that this is!


Rimmel Apocalips | Apocaliptic

I’m pretty sure that this is the main lipstick of the range as its a bright hot pink! It’s one of the brightest lippy’s that i own, i don’t often wear it throughout the year but when summer comes i love to brighten up my look occasionally by applying this!


Maybelline Colour Sensational | Hot Plum

I would say that this is more of a purple toned lipstick, and don’t be put off by the colour, many people think that bright colours are hard to apply, normally for me it is, but this one seems to go on with such ease and i love it for those summer tea party days with a dress and curled hair!


No7 | Loganberry

This is another bright lipstick and its very similar to the Apocaliptic but a lipstick version. Again i wear this for those days where im wearing a basic dress and i want to dress things up for a hot sunny day as this looks amazing when the sun’s out!


Ted Baker | Red

I got this in a set around Christmas time and have loved it every second! I actually feel like this is an all year lippy which i think is amazing so i tend to keep this one in my makeup bag so i can put it on when i want a boost in confidence!




Have you tried any of these lipsticks?


Don’t forget to head over to Charlottes blog to see some beautiful blushes!


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