Tired Eyes?

Are your eyes getting tired and dull, and you don’t know how to make them bright and awake using makeup then your in the right place, I have a good sleeping pattern but I’m one of those rare people who is a night person and a morning person – Weird huh?
Being one of these people, means that I pack a lot of things into one day causing my eyes to get small and tired so I tend to get dark under eyes a lot, which is never sexy!


I’m going to go through a few tips which I do to reduce dark under eyes, and to make your eyes generally look more awake using skincare and makeup products.

Eye Cream: To moisturise and give the under eye area the goodness which it needs by using the Benefit It’s Potent eye cream every morning and night, To make sure the cream actually gets into the skin I use about a pea size on each eye under and on the eye lid, then before I apply any makeup I try to wait around 10-15 minutes to let the moisturiser soak in.


To hide those dark under eyes, I like to use a concealer to hide the darkness to help make you look like you’ve been sleeping for a week and full of energy! I couldn’t choose just one concealer as different products suit different people: 

(Left to Right) 

MUA Concealer Palette Three shades for different areas of the eye/ skin tone. As you can tell by the photo I mainly use the middle (The lightest) shade as that makes the under eye area the lightest. 

Collection concealer A thick formula which is one of the best drugstore concealer by bloggers. I find that one shade lighter than what you are is better for under eye so you look more refreshed. 

Garnier roll-on Concealer A product which focuses on dark circles, by having a slight orange tone. A metal ball helps cool the area and reduce any redness from lack the of sleep. The best way is to roll on the metal ball then pat in with your ring finger gently to blend. 

No7 concealer stick For those of you who like a stick concealer, I use this one a lot recently in the summer as it isn’t too heavy and doesn’t look too ‘bright’. 

Rimmel wake me up concealer  Same kind of formula as the Collection, but not as thick so this is another which is best for summer as it’s not to thick either. 


What i find very good for brightening your eyes up a bit after a late night is to apply a shimmery light brown Smokey eye using the Benefit palette.
I start by using the Pink (Shade ‘R.S.V.P’) or brown (Shade ‘No Pressure!’) cream eye shadow over the whole of the lid, followed by ‘Pinky Swear’ then in the outer corners and crease I blend in ‘Thanks a latte’ and to darken the look up I like to blend in with a fluffy brush ‘Quick, Look busy’
Black eye liner makes the eye look smaller which in some cases are the key to a fab Smokey eye but if you want to make the eyes look bigger and more open then I recommend a white eye liner, which I like to use the Strictly Come Dancing pencil which is years old. (Similar here and here).
To finish the eyes I love to apply a generous amount of one of my favourite mascaras Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex mascara as its really thickening and lengthens so it make your eyes appear bigger.


I hope these little tips will be handy for when you have those sneaky late nights.


What do you use to help tired, dull eyes?


I’m currently trying to get everything done before I go away to Dartmoor for the weekend so everything is a little hectic in the GlitterMelody household at the moment! (If you would like a blog post about it and what we got up to let me know and ill try and sort something out!)


Stylishly Yours


Hannah x


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