An Oil To Beautiful Skin

Since the colder weather has started to make an appearance, my skin is looking somewhat unhealthier than usual so I was on the prowl for something to fix that. In the past I have been a big fan of Insta Natural so I was intrigued to try out the Argon Oil Multipurpose Moisturiser. When I saw that it had Argon Oil in I had all eyes on the product because I know that argon oil does wonders for my hair so I wanted to try it on my skin to see if it’s just as good!

This can be used for your face, skin, hair and nails. For my face I applied this after cleansing, then after waiting for around ten minutes I like to apply my moisturiser then wait another five minutes so the oil can pull in the moisturiser in to the skin instead of sitting on top.
After having a bath/ shower I like to apply this to any areas which are in need of a bit of love then wait a couple of minutes to let the soak in, to achieve smooth skin which is full of moisture and not drying out from this cold weather.
I actually mix a couple of pumps of the oil in to my shampoo when I wash my hair because it makes my hair so silky and since adding it to my shampoo I have found that my split ends are getting so much better as having ombre hair split ends are a regular occurrence and finally finding a product which tames them down a bit it a saviour!
As you all know, my nails aren’t my strongest point, I’m currently in the process of growing them, that means no biting, filing them and keeping them healthy and one way I like to do this is by rubbing some of the Argon Oil in to the cuticles and nails themselves.

I love that this product can be used for lots of things, it’s a lot easier than having separate products for each use. Its a fast and easy addition to your daily routine. I was reading up about this product and you can also use it as a massage oil, aftershave, an acne treatment and as a conditioner which I’m excited to try it as.

Have you tried any of Insta Naturals products? What do you want to try?

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x

* I was kindly given these products to feature on my blog. 


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