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My makeup collection has been growing in the past year and I wanted to show you my recent favourites which I use on a daily basis, because in the summer I don’t normally to adventure out as its so hot so those no makeup days tend to be regular for me. I actually find that Autumn is my adventurous season so im sure their will be loads then.

Tory Burch Bronzer and Blush Powder
When the sun is out, I love a summer glow on the cheeks as it brings life and happiness to the face. I love this product because this is the first bronzer and blush two in one which creates your cheek bones without going overboard on one or the other. I would also love to comment on the packaging of their products, the gold detailing is beautiful and makes it so elegant.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara
Before finding out about this product I had never used or thought about using a brown mascara, but I have realised that this bring out your eye colour which I love about this product because brighter eyes are so pretty! This doesn’t leave clumps which is always so helpful as having to use a eye lash brush as well as the mascara wand is quite annoying to do.

Collection Bronze Glow
Although the Tory Burch bronzer and blush is amazing, I love to have a bit more of a contour because I’m quite pale so I like to define those cheek bones with the Bronze Glow as it has a little shimmer in to keep a bit of life in your skin whilst not because to out there!

Benefit The POREfessional License to blot
Even though in England sun isn’t a regular thing in the summer but when the sun does make an appearance it can get really hot and my skin tends to get very oily which is never a good look, so I have found that the License to blot is a great way to get rid of that and it can be reapplied throughout the day which I love without looking like I’m using a towel to blog away! 

Tory Burch Lipstick

As many of you will know I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I have loved the shade, the formula, the packaging and everything about it is just beautiful! I have been loving darker lipsticks as I feel like it really finishes off a look. 

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Flex

Along with the brown mascara I love to add the Scandaleyes mascara on the outer edges of the lashes to add a bit more depth to the eyes. The wand is thick so it creates a lengthening effect so your lashes will look a bit like your wearing false lashes. 

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner

Like others, eye liner has always been a big struggle for me. Creating the right wing, making them the same, making sure they aren’t too thick… Oh it’s endless, but having a push-up liner is really helpful and so much easier. Another highlight to this is hat it’s blue which at first I was slightly worried about being too bright, but it’s a really nice dark blue so it compliments the eyes. 

What have you been in love with this season? 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x


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