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I spend hours on Pinterest (@pinkgem27) every night, the inspiration every single photo gives me is unreal, one photo brings me to another photo and by that time it’s past midnight and I’m still scrolling through endless amounts of prettiness. The majority of my time is dedicated to finding inspiration for the office I dream to own in the near future, I find so many different options which I would love to try, that I thought I would put my favourites in a blog post so you can pick up a few ideas too! 

Gold leaf has always been high up in my favourites whether that’s in makeup or in the home, but I have found this beautiful desk which has a gold leaf effect under the glass and I feel that it gives off a classy vibe and when applied in his way it could be the feature of the room. 

Marble, marble, marble. Did you know that I just love marble? Yes I do, I just love this marble board which I am guessing is for the kitchen but why stop there have one of your desk so you can place all things pretty on it also to make the room look amazing along with rose gold accents throughout room. 

What’s the first thing you notice when you see this room? The chair? The frames? That’s what I love about these is the fact that both the frames and chair catch your eye as you as you enter the room! If you are prone to being a little on the messy side, you won’t notice because these take the attention away! I also think they are really fun Andre’s a great opportunity to put all your photos and quotes up! 

This room, it’s just my ideal room, I would probably never leave! This is a great way of dressing up your bog standard white table, the little things just adds enough to make it look really pretty yet functional, use a notebook as a mouse pad, a mug as a pen holder, a gold puff next it for those days when you want to relax. Vases are a great way to dress up not just the office but the whole house! (And the smell Devine!) 

Being me, I like to think practically. Although this is a little cluttered and is very cramped I love the separate table, because I would probably use this as a sewing table, as having to keep getting out the sewing machine is way to hard for a busy girl like me! 

I like to just mention the ball/ tear drop lights which are suspended from the ceiling, how beautiful are they! 

This is a less cramped version of having another table which I am loving, although the tables are blue (Hannah needs white tables, where am I going to take my Instagram photos!) I love the style of the basic stucture then dressing it up with the chandelier and accessories.

A quick and easy idea which I am loving, and it’s as easy as buying a few clipboards. sticking the to the wall and clipping quotes, to do lists, and photos, they are so effective for them your struggling with filling wall space. 

This is probably one of my favourite ideas, wanting to set up my own business in interior design, I will be in need of a space to create mood boards and ideas, and what a better way to do this by having a whole wall of cork! 

I hope you have enjoyed my little mood board style post of some of my ideas which is like to include in my future office as at the moment I don’t really have one. 

 I have discovered WeWork, a coworking company with a mission to empower people to do what they love! They have shared office space locations all over they world, and offer lots of benefits for people who run their own business, or might be creating a startup!

Hannah x


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