The Beauty of Autumn Lipsticks

I know that we all love summer and that we want it to last forever, but I think I might have changed my mind as I love Autumn, I love the colours, fashion, hot drinks, blankets, you name it I probably love it! One of the main parts of Autumn which I have always loved it the shades of lipsticks. Last year I found that my most loved blog post was the Autumn Lipsticks, so I’m going to share the love once again and show you my favourite Autumn lipsticks of 2015! 

The dark berries

Ted Baker Lips Crayon: A very dark lip crayon which is moisturising, so it doesn’t dry your lips. I find that this is best when you use a slightly darker lip liner as the moisture of the crayon can be quite hard to apply to the lips. 

Claire’s Lipstick: I would say that this is a good cheaper alternative to the other two lipsticks because it’s still got the berry shade but not as dark so this is a great starter, if you aren’t used to darker shades. This isn’t as moisturising as the Ted Baker crayon so I’d advise that a lip balm should be applied before hand. 

MAC in the shade ‘Sin’: This is my go to lipstick this Autumn. It’s from the Matte range so it can be slightly drying but when applied with lip balm underneath it’s fine. I love the shade of this lipstick I can imagine it looking great with a fedora hat and a bronze, gold smokey eye. 

The red’s

Rimmel in the shade ‘Alarm’: This is a very bright red shade and I would say this is for those brighter weather days. It’s easy to apply and lasts nearly all day.

Ted Baker Lipstick: I would say that this is the more expensive but better quality version of the Rimmel lipstick it’s a tiny bit darker and has a slight shine to it. 

Beauty UK Lipstick: I am going to say that this is your bog standard red lipstick and at a really reasonable price. It does bleed so I would say apply this product with a lip liner to get the full effect. 

The purples and pinks 

Rimmel Kate Moss in the shade 15: This is one of my first Kate Moss lipsticks I owned and I love it for those days when you want to add a bit of sparkle you the look whilst not going over board. 

Maybelline in the shade ‘Midnight Plum’: This product has probably been my favourite lipstick for the past three Autumns because it’s just so pretty and with the added shimmer it adds a bit of fun and class to the look. 

Max Factor ‘Midnight Mauve’: Again, this is has been my favourite for the past three years as I got them both together, I feel like this is a your lips but better with a pink tone, I love this for an everyday look when I don’t want to go too out there. 

No7 in the shade ‘Loganberry’: This is a lipstick which I’m still unsure if I love it or dislike it because it’s a beautiful shade but when it’s on it’s quite out there so i think this is for nights out of when you have minimal eyes. 

The oranges

Rimmel Apocalips Matte Velvet in the shade ‘Orange-ology’: A bright orange, this is quite a thick formula but this is the most Autumnal lipstick you can probably get, when I do where this, I like to pair it with a matching nail varnish and I am then in the mood for Autumn! 

Rimmel in the shade ‘Coral in Gold’: I would say that this is one for those of you who love a good orange lipstick but don’t want to be too out there. This isn’t so pigmented but has a shimmer so it’s kind of classy as well. 

The lipgloss

Tanya Burr lipgloss in the shade ‘Lets Travel The World’: When I search for lip glosses I’m quite picky, I don’t like a sticky gloss, and it’s got to have a good pigmentation and this is just that, also the name is literally me! 

I’m loving that Autumn is nearly here, I’m currently in the process of changing over my wardrobe so I’m getting the jumpers, the coats and the scarves out of the cupboard. All this older weather also is giving me even more of an excuse to have loads more hot chocolates, and coffee! 

What’s your favourite lipstick for Autumn? 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x


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