Hot Beverages

Now the colder weather here, it’s the perfect time to have ten coffees/ autumnal drinks a day! (Okay ten is exaggerating a little bit, I usually have around one to three a day.) I take full advantage of all those drinks for Autumn. Hot beverages warm me up on those cold, crisp days, where its crisp outside and your inside with your scarf and hot drink. I wanted to shared my favourite Seasonal drinks.

Pumpkin Spice Latte:

A couple of weeks ago I had my first ever Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and it was really nice, although I probably wouldn’t get a medium or large sized drink as near the end of it, it started to get a little bit sickly. 

Flavoured Latte:

When I first tried a latte, I wasn’t actually that keen on it (I know, shocking!) but after hearing that you can put in flavourings into them I started to love latte’s especially vanilla latte’s. When I was used to that I tried a normal latte and fell in love with it, hence my love for coffee now.  

White Chocolate Mocca: 

After falling in love with latte’s I heard that there was a drink which included two of my favourite drinks, chocolate and coffee, so mocca’s was my new fave. One day I went into cafe Nero (before I was obsessed with it!) I saw that they did a white chocolate version and soon I that was my new go-to drink! 

Hot Chocolate Milano: 

I kept eyeing this up in cafe Nero and never got what it was until one day, when I tried it. Wow It’s so good! It’s a hot chocolate but super thick, it’s not actually as sickly as you think either. It also comes with cream and a posh glass mug which I love and makes it a little more special. 

What are your favourite Autumn hot drinks?

Stylishly Yours 

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