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When it comes to mini products, we just can’t help but think that they are adorable. Like any beauty blogger, i’ve accumulated quite a few mini’s of the years, and after going through my makeup/skincare collection, I have decided that I am going to make my way through them. This Autumn I have been mainly going for the moisturisers, foundations, and primers as I find that these can be most effective during this season. 

A little tip for when you want to use up products in general is to line them up in the order you will use them, as then it’s less tempting to miss the bottom of your skincare/makeup bag. Although it looks slightly messy, it’s organised mess, and it will look more organised when you don’t have those products just sat in your collection untouched. 

Benefit POREfessional // No7 Sun Protection // Benefit Serum // Hello Flawless Foundation 

I have been trying out two primers at the moment, the first one being the POREfessional by Benefit, this product has a lot of positive reviews, and I’m going to add to them. This reduces oiliness, and pores hence the name. I find that it gives my skin a smooth base ready for my foundation. 

I know it’s not as sunny as it has been, but it’s still good to protect the skin from the UV so after applying my serum, I will massage in a pea size of the facial sun cream by No7. 

The serum I’ve been using this the Benefit Instant Comeback. Surprisingly I have never used a serum before because I find them too oily, but this is quite cooling and rubs in well. A serum is a great product because it helps to pull in the moisturiser instead of sitting on top of the skin. 

I also tried two foundations. The Hello Flawless foundation, which I have used a sample of before, and I love it because it’s a thick/ high coverage which I really like in a foundation as I have terrible dark circles and blemishes. I also find that this stays on throughout the majority of the day without sliding down the face. 

The second foundation I’ve been using a lot is the Dior Star. Again this is a thicker foundation and has an orange tint which isn’t too noticeable but Reduces those darker areas and finishes off the base makeup by looking smooth and healthy.

A moisturiser which I’ve tried a couple of times is the La Roche-Posay cream. When applying I found that it gives a cooling feel whilst correcting and unclogging any unwanted bacteria. It’s a very light cream so it’s great for if you don’t have time in the mornings to massage a thicker moisturiser in and wait ten minutes for it to sink in. 

The final mini I am trying is another primer and it’s the No7 Airbrush Away. It actually took me a while to like this product because the formula is quite creamy, and when I applied it to my face I felt slightly uneasy with leaving it on as it felt really heavy, to solve the problem I apply it straight after my moisturiser so it kind of mixes. Apart from that it keeps makeup on all day and covers the bumps from any blemishes. 

What mini’s will/are you using up? 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x


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  1. Cherry
    October 22, 2015 / 7:29 pm

    Love a mini product, especially from No7!

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