Turtle Neck Dress

So last week I won £25 on the lottery, my first ever win! I was pretty chuffed with that, so I treated myself to a turtle neck dress from Primark which I’m surprised to say that it was only £8, I think that this is very reasonable for a dress! 

It’s got that line feel to the material and it’s a dark berry, burgundy shade which I chose because I feel that you can pair this to other clothing items really easily, also that berry shades make me feel so Autumnal. Since the cold weather is eventually making an appearance i wore some thick black tights, and a grey scarf. 

I’m not sure if I have ever featured my blue bag on here, but I got this a couple of months ago and decided that this is more Winter/ Autumn appropriate, and now I’m obsessed with it, I defiantly ‘haven’t’ been wearing this everyday since. 

To finish the outfit I want to dedicate a whole photo to my new shoes, yes, they have cats on, I’m not ashamed! They are so comfortable and so cute. I defaintly wanted to try and make these work with the outfit! 

What do you love to wear in the colder seasons? 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x



  1. The Traces of my Thoughts
    October 21, 2015 / 9:06 am

    I didn't see this dress when I was shopping the other day! 🙁 Will have to look when I'm next in Primark! Love how you've styled it- it looks great with your figure!Aim | http://www.thetracesofmythoughts.blogspot.co.uk x x

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