Want Beautiful, Silky Hair?

During the summer, has your hair become damaged and dull from the heat? Well your in luck because  I have discovered two of Insta Natural’s products with Argan Oil which does wonders for hair! 

One of the products being the the hair mask and the other being a hair treatment, both containing Argon Oil, I was really excited to see how my dry, dead end, crazy hair can be tamed in a natural easy way. 

The hair treatment is a serum formula where I like to apply three to four pumps to mainly the ends of my hair and the rest of the product which is on my hands I like to rub in to the rest of my hair. This can be used as a 10 minute, two hour or an overnight treatment, I usually apply it before I get ready for a shower or bath, so it can sit on my hair whilst I am choosing my outfit, getting my products which I’m going to use etc, then I will wash it out at the start. 

The next product is the hair mask, which I use after I have washed my hair then whilst I am doing my other stuff it will have been on my hair for around 10-15 minutes so then I wash it off, and I don’t use conditioner as this is kind of a substitute for it, you can also use this product as a conditioner. 

After using these products for a couple of weeks, my hair has changed so much, as you may or not know I have ombrèd hair so the colour at the ends are much brighter and the dead ends have been reduced. The days after using these products, my hair feels like the ‘just dyed my hair and it feels and looks amazing’. I’m going to keep using these products because I’ve seen dramatic change throughout these past couple of weeks! 

What hair masks do you use?

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah X


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