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I have been watching a lot of Estée LaLonde recently and she has inspired me to ‘tidy’ my life. That may sound a little weird, but the last couple of weeks ive been trying to tidy my life and improve myself as a person. Since doing this, I have been feeling so much happier and confident about myself when I look at what I’ve achieved in such a short about of time.

Taking 60 minutes out of my day to read

I have never been very big on reading, when I was younger I just wasn’t interested in it. In school, when I gap had to read I’d just look at the words and daydream. Recently I have seen so many people recommending books that I have started my way through my list. Recently it’s been an E-Book ‘The Japanese art of tidying up’ this has been another thing which has inspired me to have spring clean. Having no iPads, phones on the go is such a nice feeling, a chance to relax and not have to worry about my massive to do list! 

Writing a journal 

We’ve all wanted to write a journal, but when we start we forget about it. The other week I picked up a posh notebook and every night I like to write at least a page on that day. I’ve found that when I go to bed, I sleep better because I’m not worrying about everything as I’ve ‘told’ my journal – Sometimes talking is the best way. 

Enjoy the little, everyday things 

The little things, I’m on about applying your makeup, having a skincare routine, making tea. I’ve started to make these little things count, I take even extra twenty seconds to take care in what I’m doing and I see that I’ve started to improve my makeup skills, and keeping a routine. 

Work hard

This has been in college, my online interior design course and my blog. I found that I started to slack in all areas and when I noticed this, the amount of post it notes and to do lists have doubled but I’ve been spending less time just scrolling on social media and I’ve been using my time wisely and getting some work done! 


I’m not just saying tidying my room has made me feel more refreshed and free, I’m on about the areas which you wouldn’t think would help but it does. I’m on about my sewing cupboard and my hand bag. Also I’ve been going through all my Pinterest boards (and if you follow me @pinkgem27 you’ll know I had over 78 boards!) renaming them and sorting them into categories. Took me a while but when I look at it now I just feel so organised! 


We all know hat feeling when you come out of the hairdressers with a new hair cut and feeling like a new women, I did this, and I’ve had a dramatic change, I cut my hair a lot shorter and I’ve now styled it so I don’t have to pin back my fringe anymore! I actually look and feel more like an eighteen year old no not thirteen! 

Sense of fashion

If you have noticed, I am in the transition of changing my style, I’m taking moments (with the help of Pinterest) to find the style which best shows my personality, this has changed me a lot inside and out because I have felt so confident. 

Drink more water 

One which I’ve been trying for a while now, but I have found that if I drink a lot of sparkling water during the day as I’m not very keen of drinking normal water, then in the evenings I find myself getting very thirsty so I will fill a pint glass with water and drink the whole thing with a straw. I have felt so refreshed and I haven’t had so many headaches either! 


I’ve recently been loving boxing but the exercise side. I have been recently been using this YouTube video which takes you through a routine and I normally get some music going on top and turn the voice off as I would rather sing to loud music! 

I hope this had inspired you or helped you in any way to tidy you and your life. 

What do you do to tidy? 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x 


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