How to host the best sleepover!

I am aware that the majority of my readers are young teens and above and when I was that age sleepovers were my favourite thing to go to and host. I enjoyed the food, the gossip, the sleep (okay, well maybe not sleep!) but they were probably the highlights of my early teens! So to help to host a great sleepover I’ve put together a few top tips and ideas: 

I would say, invite up to find four to five people to your sleepover as this is enough for you all to have a laugh and do activities but it also gives you the chance to give each person your full attention. If your feeling really up to it you could even make hand made invitations well ahead of the date to ensure you know how many people can make it. 

It’s easier when you choose a theme for your sleepover as then you can easily plan activities which correspond to it. Ask each guest to bring on thing that will contribute to the fun. For example if your having a girlie pamper theme then someone could bring the straighteners or facemaks. You could even decorate the room around the chosen theme! 

Gather games and activities for you all to do before the guest arrives, board games, CDs, DVDs, and lots of munchies is always a good idea! 

Your the hostess for the night so make sure that everyone knows where the bathroom is and they have a comfortable space to sleep. 

We all love food, so much some of us plan our day around food! So to ensure a fab night don’t forget to provide plenty of food for your friends and don’t forget a midnight feast! 

And the final sacred sleepover rule – secrets told at the sleepover stay at the sleepover! 

I hope this has helped some of you to host the best sleepover! 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x 


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