Turning 18 years old!

Friday, I turned 18 years old. I’ve done it, I have been alive for a whole 18 years and I would say that I have done pretty good, I haven’t embarrassed myself too much, well, okay quite a lot, but I have enjoyed every moment in this big world.

I have achieved a lot, well for one I have my own space on the internet where I get to interact with my online friends/ readers and getting shortlisted for a beauty blogger award which I never thought I would be able to achieve. Over the years I have been trying so hard to loose my fear of heights which I can now say I have 99% achieved, also I say yes to every opportunity which is offered to me when appropriate from things like going to events even though I don’t know anyone and even going out of my comfort zone to surprise myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do and so much more! 

Turning 18, What happens now. So this is my chance to shine, yes I am now able to have a glass of wine now and again but I won’t be going crazy. I am now at that age where I can try to be a proper role model and say yes to even more opportunities which come my way! 

I’m so excited, although I look 12 years old, (And sometimes act like one too – Who doesn’t like going on the swings at the park!) I’m a actual adult, that’s crazy to think that I’m able to enter all those competitions which you have to be 18 or over – Yes this is one of the most exciting things to me! Haha!

To make the next 18 years as amazing as the past years, I’m going to set my self 18 goals for my 18th birthday: 

1. To have a schedule for my blog posts – And actually stick to them! 

2. Live life to the fullest and don’t plan every single moment, live spontaneously! 

3. You don’t know what life is going to throw at you, so you might as well look the part! To dress with confidence, who cares what you wear!

4. To Live a tidy and clean life. Yes I’m talking about my wardrobe, its full of all kinds of clothes, which means lots of mess! 

5. Save money, although I have become pretty good at this over the past years, it could always be improved! 

6. Do more for the people around me, whether thats smiling to people on the street or volunteering somewhere. 

7. To have a good skincare routine which I stick to every morning and night.

8. The classic goal, to eat healthily. 

9. Drink more water (A small goal but very important as I am rubbish at doing this!) 

10. Have a regular fitness routine.

11. Try to tone down my coffee intake! (I have wayy too much!) – I need to start liking tea, it would be so much easier when i go to peoples houses! 

12. Tackle my bucket list! 

13. Be more organised, although I’m known for my super organisation but I need to scrap the little post it notes around the house! 

14. Say yes more. 

15. Just a basic small goal which I know that many people struggle with, texting back to people! Ive recently been terrible at this! (Currently I have two people to get back to!) 

16. Work hard now and relax later, I tend to spread my work out over the time length but I think it’s better if I do it all in good time before the deadline. 

17. Cook more. 

18. Enjoy life and be happy! 

I hope this has been interesting and that you have some goal ideas for yourself. 

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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  1. Kyla Delilah
    November 1, 2015 / 6:24 pm

    Happy Birthday! I hope you're able to achieve some of your goals! 🙂 x

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