Chroma Stationary

After all the Christmas excitement, I thought i’d show you my favourite company called Chroma Stationary, who creates personalised notebooks where I write all the exciting things related to my blog. The people over at Chroma Stationary are all so lovely and take time and effort to make your products personal and special to you. Recently bringing out pens and pencil cases they are constantly growing. You can apply anything from your logo to just your name, they can make anything possible!

I love how you can choose everything from the colour of your notebook right the way to if you would like white, gold or silver embossing. When you receive one of their notebooks they are neatly packaged in white tissue paper and a postcard telling their story which I think is such a special touch.

I think these are so reasonable for the price of around £8.50, its the cheapest I’ve seen on the internet! These could also be great for a gift as you can personalise them for weddings, birthdays, or even just for yourself!

I hope you have all had a lovely relaxing Christmas and getting ready for a great new year! 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x

* I was kindly given these products to feature on my blog. 


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