Four To Try

Finding new products is always a bit of fun, espically when they arent being raved about by everyone. Ive been trying to reduce the amount of makeup and skincare i own by going through my products which i already own, but being a blogger, this rarely happens. Whilst trying a load of products i have found four exceptional products which will now be in my regular routine.

DKNY Perfume:

I was given this a year ago and I have used it everyday since, it’s a very fruity and sweet scent. I find this a very refreshing scent which last all day. I’m not completely convinced by its packaging because sometimes I find it hard to hold when I spray it. 

Ted Baker body lotion:

I received this for my birthday back in October and I am in love with the product, its mainly sold in Boots and comes in two colours Pink and blue. I like that this dries fast as I’m not a fan of waving my arms around like a bat to dry the lotion, also it smells so good! 

The Body Shop Hand Cream:

Last Christmas I bought a hand cream gift set which included six hand creams. One being the Honeymania, this is the second one I have used from the pack (yes, I’m aware your probably thinking that I’m crazy because it takes me a year to use just one!) After smelling them all this is definitely my favourite scent and my hands aren’t dry at all. 

Charles Worthington Conditioner: 

I mainly use the Moisture Seal conditioner which I have found has been amazing for my dry ends from having ombrè. The scent is so fresh and I have seen such a big difference after using. I probably go through more than I should because of two reasons, one being I have thick hair and the other I have seen a bigger difference by going overboard with the quantity I use, but usually this would last you so long because a little goes a long way! 

Have you used these products? Are you going to go and try them out? Let me know your thoughts on them! 

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x 



  1. Sophie
    December 18, 2015 / 10:37 pm

    I love the Ted Baker scent!! I'll have to try this one XX

  2. Jodetopia
    December 29, 2015 / 4:16 pm

    I've not tried any of these! I love TBS though so might have to try out some of their hand creams!Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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