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MAC Eye Shadow
When choosing this eye shadow i kept the Autumn/Winter seasons in mind as the name of this shadow is Cranberry which reminded me so much of the Burgundy leaves and berries. I love this because it blends well in the crease of the lid to add a bit of spice to the look.

Revlon Eye Shadow: (Similar)
I bought this quite a while ago now, hence why i have linked a similar eye shadow from the collection. I actually don’t use this one my lids, but i use this as a highlighter on the top of my cheeks and brow bone.

L’oreal Super Liner:
This is an eye liner which i was on and off with for so long and now i have recently found a way which has made eye liner so much easier! Basically because its a thick pen i just press a thin line on the edge of my lid and it makes such a difference.

Collection Bronze Glow Bronzer:
My saviour, without this product i have no cheek bones whatsoever. Its not too orange either which i do often have a problem with. I love how easy it blends as well because i usually apply a rough line under my cheek bones then blend like crazy!

Bourjois 24H Colour Cream Eye shadow:
If you have been reading for a couple years now then you will know i used to be obsessed with this. After using many other shades and brands i have come back to this and this is the best cream eye shadow to use in the winter because it’s so easy and adds a little fun to the makeup look.

Tory Burch Highlighter
I have loved this since i first got it, the shades when used together are just to beautiful whilst looking like I’ve actually tried. Even though it gets quite dark early i still find that the highlighter makes me look presentable even without good lighting.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick
Nudes have never really suited me, but i think thats because i haven’t ever played around with eye shadows but now i am i have found that nudes have been such a big difference to my looks and i find that it goes nice with my new short hair as well.

Bourjois Cream eye shadow, MAC Eye shadow, Revlon Eye shadow

I hope you are having a nice week leading up to Christmas which is this week!! Its gone so fast and i am so busy at the moment with having a new job at House Of Fraser, buying presents, driving lessons and just having time to sit down. 

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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