Tidying your room in 20 minutes!

Tidying your room in 20 minutes is actually possible, i know to most of us we procrastinate when it comes to cleaning but i have found a way where cleaning your room so it looks presentable, fast. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in a small 20 minutes.
Pop on some up beat music and grab bin bags, empty boxes, a hoover and a damp cloth and you’ll be be set to go!

20 minutes to go:
Open your windows to let some fresh air into the room. Collect all your clothes which have been placed on the floor and go through them putting the dirty washing into the laundry bag and putting away the rest in its proper place making sure all your drawers etc are fully closed.

16 minutes to go:
Gather together all the things which do not belong in the room like cups, dirty dishes and take them downstairs ready to be washed.

14 minutes to go: 
Everything which is not meant to be on the floor needs to be put away in its place, making sure all your rubbish and recycling is away in big bags. Then hoover.

9 minutes to go:
Spend a couple minutes just collecting papers, chargers, and the rest of the things which dont belong on show and putting them away.

7 minutes: 
Wipe all your surfaces with a damp cloth and dusting any areas which have been collecting dust for a long while.

5 minutes to go: 
Make your bed, plumping cushions and making it look neat.

3 minutes to go:
This is your chance to do any last minute bits and bobs which you didn’t have time for, before you are finished.

This isn’t deep clean tidying but its handy for those times when your family decide to come round and your room looks like a tip! I also use this kind of set up for the other rooms of the house too. If you wanted a Deep cleaning routine which i use then just let me know on any of my social medias etc and ill get that done.

Are you a naturally tidy person or not?

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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  1. Jodetopia
    January 17, 2016 / 7:30 pm

    Such a great idea! It definitely doesn't take long to do a quick tidy up!Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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