why i am cutting down the coffee!

So if you’ve been reading a while you will have read that title and thinking ‘she’s not serious’. I drink coffee like it was water I love waking up, chatting with friends over a coffee, it came to the point where I had one to two coffees a day. I started to think that maybe I should cut down my coffee intake as it was getting to the point where my heart was constantly racing so half way through December I decided to have only one coffee a week (and while I was at it I decided to have one hot chocolate a week too) at first I found it hard because at that point I didn’t like tea.

After a couple of weeks, without noticing i was actually not having any coffee at all, okay I have had the occasional coffee or hot chocolate but definitely not as much, as if you follow me on snapchat (hannabellexoxo) then you’ll know that I used to have loads! 

Now I am feeling more awake and I know that your thinking that’s strange but coffee realises its energy for that short period then after wouldn’t it actually make you more tired! I have eventually got into tea so I have that quite a lot which is nice for those cold days. I only drink hot chocolate when I really need it so I’m not constantly being unhealthy, But of course I am still going to have vanilla/gingerbread lattes at Chrismtas time! 

Next I’m going to try and get into the different types of tea! 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x



  1. Anonymous
    January 12, 2016 / 10:48 am

    I was drinking around 4/5 cups of tea or coffee a day last year but realised it was making me really anxious and irritable. Since cutting down I've found that I'm so much more awake too! You should try experimenting with different green/herbal teas, there are so many flavours and some are really good for you 🙂

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