I have been loving minimalistic looks, i’m creating a series on the blog where I’m going to create outfits and make minimal styles work with everyone for every occasion. Today I am focusing on every day wear whilst keeping it minimal.

When i want to style together a minimal outfit i nearly always grab my skinny jeans (Shown here) and a white top whether that is a blouse (shown here) or a basic oversized top (here). Depending on how i feel i will either tuck it in to give a finished look or if I’m wanting something more casual ill leave it out. I have been loving long coats and to keep the minimal look i have chosen a block coloured grey.

For accessories i like to go quite classy with them to bring to the look together and by doing this i have paired a pair of T-Strap heels with a hint of pastel pink along with a marble clutch (I am aware the one shown here is quite expensive so heres an alternative!)

I really enjoy creating and writing these style posts, please let me know either in the comments or on twitter what styles you would like me to show. Also recently i have been loving Polyvore so feel free to follow me!


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