A new chapter….

Glitter Melody is nearly four years old and is need of a desperate re-vamp, I made this blog at the tiny age of 14 and its one of the best decisions of my life. When I first started it, I definitely wouldn’t have believed you if you said four years later it’s grown so much so that I go to blogger/press events and I work with company’s who once inspired me. My blog is part of me and if you have been reading for a while then you will have known that it used to be pink everything, but as I grew, found my true self, I found my blog changing with me – because trust me if you read my first ever post compared to my new ones there’s a huge difference! 

So you’ve noticed that there’s a huge change to the blog. A new name was needed, everyday for about three months I had been taking inspiration from all around me, posters, leaflets and fashion magazine. I had lists and lists of names and ideas but it was actually when I told someone  I had a blog and they replied with ‘oh, not another blogger’ and it clicked, that was the moment Not Another was decided. I asked others around me whether the name would work and they all fell in love with it. 

I am loving the minamalist style and I wanted my layout and style to reflect this, hence the monochrome based theme. 

I hope you all will enjoy my update on the blog. Feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any thing you’d like me to feature/ do on my blog. 


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