Urban Finds

I’m forever searching for new mugs, it’s becoming a little worrying how many unique and crazy styles I have for just for one person! I feel like mugs reflect my mood and personality, but after passing my driving test last week I of course needed to buy myself a mug to celebrate! I also have started a gym membership so obviously I had to buy a new water bottle to keep myself motivated to work out and to drink more water as that is something which I lack in. 

I actually saw this mug on Ariana Grande’s snapchat and she uses them as her every day mugs which I thought was the cutest idea (filed for when I get my own place) but for the mean time I got one to add to my endless amount of mugs. Why wouldn’t you love this mug? It is a cat with the most perfect eyeliner! What drew me to love this mug inbeticular was that the head was hollow to hold your tea bag, which made the mug a little out of the ordinary. This was £12 which I didn’t think was too bad. 

To motivate me to drink more I bought a new water bottle, as I am going to be taking this in my everyday bag that’s why when I saw that it came in a bag I was automatically drawn to it. The little ‘hello h2o’ is so cute too. This has actually worked as I have found that I drink at least three of these a day which is amazing! 

Let me know what you’ve been loving from Urban Outfitters through Twitter or below! I’m always excited to see new finds! 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x 


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