Bed Side Staples

I always find other people’s bedside tables so interesting, as soon as you go in the room you can see your go-to items. I do only keep the bare essentials as i have a habit of just clogging up the space with empty sweet wrappers, pens and receipts! The two products i keep by my side are the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream, as i like to apply this to my lips, elbows and knees just before i go bed, along with the eye lotion from Liz Earle, to treat my extra watery and dark eyes in the mornings.

I am absolutely obsessed with Stephane Manel‘s art work and in my bronzed glass frame, i have the woman with the arm of some sunnies in her mouth. I adore her classic, minimal style as it shows a classy, ‘real-life’ woman, whom isn’t posing. Along with the bronze/gold theme i have an Ikea light and an alarm clock. If your like me, every empty space is filled with some kind of plant/s, in which in this case there are three all in pastel pink pots, with my two calming stones by there side (View my latest post about them here).


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