What’s in my travel makeup bag

I have loved reading what’s in travel makeup bags recently as it’s coming up to travel season, The other day I went to London and of course I had to go into Victoria Secret where I picked up one of there gorgeous classic makeup bags. I thought this was the perfect time to show you what is in my makeup bag which I carry around with me on a daily basis. 

I like to keep smaller makeup bags with me as the idea is that I only keep the essentials and not having loads just to fill it causing my bag to weigh even more than it already does! (It already weighs a ton…) I have a bottle of hand gel and this is a top essential as I like to be clean, if I get on the train and I have to use the table I will wipe it first! I get through quite a lot of this, hence the bigger bottle. Along with this I like to keep some tissues so I can wipe up anything. Another practical item is plasters and I just ran out of my pretty princess plasters and were suprisingly popular with the males (I know, you weren’t expecting that!) 

If I could I would always carry all my makeup but it’s too heavy so I only tend to keep the lipstick which I am wearing that day along with a nail varnish, a pressed power (with a mini powder brush) to keep any oils at bay, and i keep a tiny bottle of foundation in here as well just in case which i refill regularly. Like every girls territory I keep Bobby pins and hair bands in the bottom.  

My regular perfume I am wearing at the moment is the Ariana Grande and along with it was a travel version so I tend to keep that one with me for a touch up during the day. I have nail file with me as my nails break so easily plus it’s handy for all sorts! 

Stylishly yours

Hannah x


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