Adventure Goals 2016

I have always been one for spending 99% of my time in the outdoors. I would rather take my work into the garden or in a park, breathing the fresh air in whilst I work tends to give me the best inspiration. I love to find the little places which not many people know about. Spontaneous trips are the best and if you follow my social media you’ll know that my travel buddie/best friend and I are always going on little trips to random places on the map. To make my travels even better I want to set some goals. Goals which will take my travels a lot further.

Take that one step further by adventuring outside the UK – I’ll definitely be doing this as in August I am going to Austria and on the way back we will be going to Disney land Paris! 

Let’s travel to a couple places in a day! I go to one place for the day all the time but I would love to try and go to a couple places spontaneously throughout the day. See somewhere nice on the way back? Lets go!

Go on mini holidays, I have found an amazing site called Air Bnb where travellers can stay for cheap, want to rent a room or a whole house they have them on there! If it’s cheaper, it means more money to travel with! I think the first one will have to be Cornwall! 

Sleeping in my car? This will be a great way of saving money, I actually find pushing the seats back, get a load of duvets, pillows and food is so much fun! I am hoping to try this when I go to a festival as its that little bit more glamorous than camping! 

Which brings me on to festivals, I don’t think I have even been to a festival – that’s definitely going to change! They look so much fun and plus it’s an excuse to wear different style outfits which you can’t wear down the street! 

Travel the UK or even the world by organising a few stops ahead of time and just exploring! 

Maybe even travel as far as I can for £100 and stop off at places which take my fancy? 

What are your travel goals? Comment below or tweet me on @notanotherblog_ as I would love to hear! 


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