A breath of fresh air | Review

The sea air in a toner’

What’s better than having a bottle full of fresh sea air. I have never adventured into the skincare side of Lush until the other week when i bought one of their toners. After spraying each part of both arms with a different scented toner, i decided to go for the ‘Breath of fresh air‘ as i thought it would be nice to keep in my bag for those no foundation days and in need of a freshen up. 

Containing rose water, aloe vera and seaweed calms, soothes and helps the skin to be protected from the environment, whilst balancing the PH levels of your skin. (It’s always good to have strong protective base for your makeup right?) I thought £4.50 was so reasonable for 100g. I chose this size as it could fit in my handbag, but they do a 250g for £8.50. 

The spray is quite harsh as i was expecting a light mist of a spray so i could use this over my makeup during the day to feel refreshed.

I am in love with the product itself as it gives you a big boost to start the day, i would just say that i would prefer if it came out more of a mist, but using cotton pads and gliding them over the skin works just as well. 


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