An In-Depth guide to Urban Decay Eye Palettes!

I know the feeling of when you get to the Urban Decay counter and drool over the eye palettes but getting so overwhelmed by which palette to choose can be off-putting and stressful! I have accumulated most of the palettes now so i thought i would put together the ultimate guide to the palettes including swatches of each one, comparing which shades are similar, along with the palette which is right for your eye colour.


Naked Palette 1: A mix of all the palette colours. 

Virgin: Similar to Bootycall (Naked 2), Strange (Naked 3), Thirteen (Smoky), Venus and W.O.S (Basics), Stark (Basics 2).

Sin: Dust (Naked 3), High (Smoky).

Naked: Naked 2 (Basics), Cover (Basics 2). 

Sidecar: None Alike.

Buck: Faint (Basics), Primal (Basics 2) 

Half Baked: Half Baked (Naked 2), Dirtysweet (Smoky)

Smog: Snake bite (Naked 2), Radar (Smokey)

Dark horse: None Alike. 

Toasted: OAP (Naked 3), 

Hustle: Busted (Naked 2), 

Creep: None Alike

Gunmetal: None Alike.

Naked Palette 2: Bronze Shades. 

Foxy: Similar to Foxy (Basics)

Half Baked: Half Baked (Naked), Dirtysweet (Smoky).

Bootycall: Virgin (Naked), Strange (Naked 3), Thirteen (Smoky), Venus and W.O.S (Basics), Stark (Basics 2).

Chopper: None Alike.

Tease: Frisk (Basics 2), Naked 2 (Basics) 

SnakeBite: Radar (Smokey), Smog (Naked)

Suspect: None Alike.

Pistol: Armor (Smoky) 

Verve: Revolt (Electric) 

YDK: None Alike. 

Busted: None Alike.

Blackout: Crave (Basics), Black Market (Smoky)

Naked Palette 3: Pinks.

Strange: Similar to Thirteen (Smoky), Venus and W.O.S (Basics), Stark (Basics 2), Bootycall (Naked 2), Virgin (Naked). 

Dust: High (Smoky). Sin (Naked).

Burnout: None Alike.

Limit: None Alike.

Buzz: None Alike.

Trick: None Alike.

Nooner: None Alike. 

UAP: None Alike. 

Factory: None Alike.

Mugshot: None Alike. 

Darkside: None Alike. 

Blackheart: None Alike. 

Naked Smokey Palette: Darker Shades with a few Nudes. 

High: Similar to Sin (Naked)

DirtySweet: Half Baked (Naked) Half Baked (Naked 2),

Radar: SnakeBight (Naked 2), Smog (Naked). 

Slanted: None Alike. 

Dagger: GunMetal (Naked)

Black Market: Blackout (Naked 2), Crave (Basics), 

Solder: None Alike.

Password: None Alike.

Whiskey: None Alike.

Combust: Stark (Basics 2), W.O.S (Basics), Virgin (Naked)

Thirteen: Venus (Basics), Strange (Naked 3).

Electric Palette: Bright Colours! 

Obviously these colours aren’t similar to any of the other palettes.

Basics and Basics 2: 

Both these palettes and get for any one they include nudes, browns and darker shades. Basics 1 is darker than Basics 2 so they will be perfect for anyone. 

Which Palette is best for your eye colour: 

Brown Eyes: Smoky Palette.

Blue Eyes: Naked 2

Green Eyes: Naked 3

Hazel Eyes: Naked 1

and if you like a little more colour i feel that anyone can rock the Electric Palette!! Keep an eye for an upcoming post on how to rock bright colours!! 

I hope you found this helpful and that picking a Naked palette is a little easier!! 


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