‘Wearing different masks at the same time?!’ 

I first heard about multi-masking when i had my Liz Earle Experience (Read about that here). It’s a technique where you can place a different mask in each different skin concern. For example, you may be dry on your forehead and cheeks and the oily on your T-Zone, This is wear you would put a hydrating mask on your forehead and cheeks, then a deep cleansing make on your T-Zone at the same time. 

You could put each mask on the whole face in turn, but wouldn’t you want to concentrate on the places which need it, save time and product? 

Doing this, may make you look a tad weird but it’s a good way of treating the skin to the pamper it ‘really’ needs! 

Here, i am using two Liz Earle masks. I get quite dry on my forehead and dull/oily on my T-Zone so i decided to place the Deep Cleansing mask on the T-Zone working it mainly into the forehead to control any flakiness and then the Brightening mask everywhere else to control any oils and dullness. Since being introduce to this i have loved multi-masking! 


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