Liz Earle hand/ arm massage

So relaxing…..

Followed by the head massage (Wednesday’s post) i had a luxurious hand and arm massage by the lovely beauty consultant Alice.

We started with the lovely Orange flower scented hand wash, followed by my favourite product the cleanse and polish to first of all clean ad exfoliate the hands and arms. When she was massaging my arms, I had so many knots, (I didn’t even know you could get knots in your arms!! I had so many!) which I am hopefully going to treat my self to a massage to get rid of them! 

There was three hand repairs to choose from, a orange flower, lavender/basil and the scent I went for was the rosemary & Rock rose, because I am in love with anything rose scented, it just relaxes me so much! 

This is a hand repair cream to protect your skin including pure oils to soften your hands. This soaks into the skin so fast, as I’m very picky with hand creams because I don’t want to be leaving greasy finger prints where ever I go!

Then was a hand serum to reduce fine lines and wrinkles also giving you lots of vitamin E to look after your hands. Then a product which is a lot like the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream but half the price, is the Super Balm which can be used for pretty much anything: lips, dry elbows/ knees, cuticles the lot! The fact that i normally spend nearly £30 for the eight hour cream and i use it if i have to as i can’t afford to finish it too fast! But i think i will be switching! (I think my bank account will be happy with that too!).

This was such a lovely experience and so relaxing, this is part of their usual services so you can go into your local counter and experience a little pamper for yourself as just reading about it just isn’t the same is it?


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