Liz Earle Head Massage

If you’ve bee reading for a while you will know that i had my first Liz Earle experience which you can read my post all about it here. Today i was booked back in for a head massage and to look into their beautiful hair products, and beautiful they were indeed! 

Alice, my local Liz Earle consultant sat me down and i walked out with lovely smelling, shiny hair which looked fun of life! 

On pay day i will definitely be coming back to get the shampoo and conditioner. When i tried them out the conditioner for damaged hair on the back of my hand, the texture was so sinking and soft which i can’t wait to get my hands on as Alice was telling me she like to use it as a treatment so apply your shampoo, followed by the conditioner, whilst letting that sit in your hair, carry on with your usual routine, like washing your body, singing to Selena Gomez (Girls, we all do dont we?) then after our little sing-song, wash out the conditioner, leaving the hair healthy and feeling like silk! 

The shampoo sounds amazing too because you only need about a 10 peace size for the scalp (try not to work the shampoo into the ends of the hair otherwise your stripping them of their natural oils!) these two products alone with last you three months! I have found that most other hair products last about three weeks but for only a couple of pounds more your getting a product you see results fast and last longer too! 

Quick selfie whilst getting my head massage as Alice was showing me the products – Very relaxing! 

Okay, the Botanical Shine Hair Oil. Wow, this too a minute or two just to process when she applied this to my hair. For some reason I came in with very grey, dull hair which was in need of a lift! It was instant, working the product from the ends of my hair, then using the exess at the top left my hair feeling alive, full of energy and the shine was unreal, my hair doesn’t even look like that when I come out of the salon! In the past I have used moose and oils but they have left my hair feeling very greasy, this is also great because you can use this on wet or dry to protect the hair. I’m currently sat in a coffee shop feeling my hair because I’m so in love with my hair now! (Who’s this crazy woman feeling her hair constantly?) 

I wanted to show you these products and my experience because I truly am gob smacked by the results. I honestly can’t wait to get the shampoo and conditioner to see how they all work together! I actually picked up the Cleanse and polish set (You can never have enough, also the set for a couple pound more comes with two muslin cloths!) and I obviously swear by this product! I also bought the hair oil because I think I’m obsessed! Seriously highly recommend all of these products! 

I’d like to take a moment to thank Alice from Boots Exeter. Please go visit her and say hi if your around, I feel like she’s a best friend, because she’s so calming and her knowledge about the products is amazing! 

At the end i bought two goodies some more of my life saver product, the Liz Earle cleanse and polish along with my new hair oil!

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