A magical day!

‘The Best Day’

Carrying on from my Austrian adventures (Post here). We stopped off halfway through our coach journey home to Disneyland and Studios! Although i had been before when i was 14 years old, i was just as excited (If not even more!) I had my ears at the ready and i was ready to have the best day. Walking to the entrance, gave me a rush of energy and i felt like a child at Christmas!

We spent the morning in the Studios, where i went on all the big rides like Tower Of Terror and Crush’s Coaster and explored the huge shops. After lunch (Where we only had some chips because earlier that morning we had a huge breakfast buffet at our BNB along with later having a Disney buffet which we were so excited for!) we changed to the Disney Land park where all the other big rides were like my all time favourite coaster –  The Space Mountain!

Sadly i didn’t get the chance to meet any princess due to their only being Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, which i really wanted to meet Tinkabell and Belle being they’ve been my favourite princesses since an early age.

Of course we stayed until the fireworks and music which this time i didn’t actually cry (last time i did!) I didn’t take any photos of this because i wanted to sing along with friends and enjoy it in reality instead of concentrating on my phone. Sorry!

This was one of my highlights of my life so far, i had the most amazing day and i already want to go back!

Have you been to Disney land? What’s your favourite part/ ride?


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