How to save money

I’m always open to new ideas for saving money, even if it’s fifty pence! I Thoth I’d share my money saving times with you, so we can save together!

Coupon hunting: 

Get yourself on Groupon and other coupon sites and they will give you amazing offers! Also when your about to get spending on a high end item, maybe check out many stores online to find the cheapest along with asking them in store if they have any offers on soon. What the harm? The only thing they can say is no. 

Store points cards: 

These are the things which bulk our purses but can save us so much money and even some freebies along the way! We often say no to these but even if you only spend a fiver each time we go in that mounts up! Some stores even give you free money when it’s your birthday, and they are always sending you vouchers and offers based on what you by. Money saving straight to your door, what’s bad about that? 

Hot beverages. Take your own? 

So you will know that I love coffee and tea, but after realising how much I spent on a cup a day for six months came to, I could be on holiday right now which the amount I saved! (*cough *cough £500+) I’ve spent £15 on a Keep Cup a take away cup which I can take my tea in, as if I just used any flask it wouldn’t be the same right? 

One pound a day: 

This doesn’t have to be a pound, this could be five or ten pounds. But let’s start with a pound to get us going. So everyday putting a pound (you could set up a direct transfer everyday) to your other savings account, this could have been the pound you were going to buy coffee or a chocolate bar on which we don’t need. By the end of the year you like have saved over 300 pounds, just by putting a pound a day away. Crazy huh? Even if you do 50 pence you’ll save over 150 pounds! 

If you don’t constantly dream, you don’t need it. 

This is a piece of logic I’ve tried to keep in mind when shopping. Okay, so if your about to buy something, step away intending to come back a few days later, if you keep thinking about that item then you need it, if you forget about it feel you don’t need it then you obviously didn’t need it that bad. It’s great for those items we have bought but only used a couple times. 

I hope these help, and if you try any of them please let me know, I’d love to hear how you got on and what your ideas and tips are! 


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