L’oreal Face Mask

‘Get Set Glow!’

So I’ve just seen that L’oreal have bought out three new pure clay facemasks in which target three different type of areas and concerns. To show you which mask is right for you they have leaflets with tiny pop outs which you press on to your face and depending on what it looks like, is the mask you need. If you are like me and loved the idea of this and tried like three or four all over your face and it cam up with a different result each time then this is great to get Multi-Masking. Don’t know what multi-masking is? No worries, I have a post right here all about it! At the price of a five pounds each I think these are so worth their money as you get quite a lot of product, so it’s time to invite your friends round and have a face masks and film night!

Purity mask: 

This is the green boost for your skin. This cleans out any purities, leaving the skin bright and full of energy whilst working deep into the pores. 

Detox mask: 

Having black charcoal in will be that life saver you’ve been looking for to get rid of your impurities and give your skin that deep detox it’s been looking for! So say bye to those clogged pores!

Glow mask: 

This is actually the one which caught my eye first, as I’m finding that having radiant, glowing skin is all the rave recently. This mask has tiny balls to gentle exfoliate the skin as you apply, which helps illuminate the skin and leaving you with that healthy summer glow! 

If your skin is combination, you can actually use all three and use each mask where it’s needed. (Know how to multi mask here!)

What do you think about these pure clay masks? Which one will you be trying? 


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