Lush Blogger Event

The other week I received an invitation to attend a local Lush blogger event. I was so excited for this because Lush has been my guilty pleasure for pretty much all my life, you may say I’m slightly obsessed! It was perfect timing as the day before I used my last bath bomb, and if your like me, you will know that this is a total disaster!

I didn’t actually know who was going but it was lovely to see some familiar faces when I walked in of fellow bloggers who I’d talked for for ages online but nave never met! The event was based on their naked products. Products which don’t contain any packaging like the plastic pots etc. 

To start off the night we play a lush version of egg and spoon race where we places a bath bomb (lava Lamp) in a knot wrap onto a wooden spoon and race round a table and back in our teams. A lovely way to get warmed up!

We then went around each station like their hair, body and of course their bath bombs, it was great to get to know about their products more. 

This was one of the best events I’ve been too, it was such a lovely atmosphere and there was time to talk to other local bloggers! 

We even got to make our own comforter bubble bar! Which was an amazing experience and to see what and how they were made! It was one of my favourite parts of the evening because it was great to see our versions compared to the real thing as normally the would roll the two colours together and slice the bar, but making them thing way was a great way to make our own!

Throughout the night there were many one to one consultations which included their hair, body and massage naked products which doesn’t include plastic pots etc so we can help to save the environment!

At the end of course there was time to buy a few (or a lot!) of products. I went and picked up the Lava Lamp because I love that it’s a two for one product of a bomb and bath melts. The experimenter, The smell isn’t quite to my taste but I love how cool it is in the bath!

Seweed has really interested me recently so I thought I would pick that up too along with Fizzbanger which I picked because of the lemon scent because it’s actually lush, and lastly I bought the pink and yellow bath melt as I’ve been loving to pop these in with a bath bomb to give extra nourishment. 

When we were paying we had a lucky dip each and I got the Tooth Fairy (A bit like tooth paste but a powder version) which I was looking up just last week as I was so interested in the whole idea of it all!

I was given a couple samples of there deodorant as they have a powder and a block formula which I am so intrigued to try! 

In the goodie bag was several products which was so so nice of Lush to do, that included Yoda bath bomb, Creamy candy bubble bath, and Honey I washed the kids soap. 

I’d like to say thank you to Lush for inviting me to the event and showing us some of your Naked products! It was so interesting and a lot of fun, it was lovely to get the chance to meet other local bloggers as well!


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