Plan your life


Keeping up with everyday adventures and plans can be hard, as if you like me, double booking is a habit which i have recently got better at by changing the way i plan. I have been known for being extra organised and i often get people asking how i keep my life in order, so here’s a few tips!

Get a blogger journal/book: 
If your a blogger then this is a great way to get things like blog posts, twitter chats, photo taking etc in order. I like to keep a day each week for all thing Not-Another related, so this is where i will write two blog posts in which i can schedule for the following week, reply to emails and organise my blog life. I have bought a blogger journal to keep events, posts and things like twitter chats etc. (I have a post here all about my blogger Journal)

Phone Calendar: 
Put EVERYTHING into your phone calendar, you carry it every where you go so you might as well have it there. I put everything from my blogger journal and my everyday life on to this so that the night before i will look on what is on the next day so i can prepare.

A day for you: 
Its good to not over load yourself, try to keep a day a week to catch up on things you havent had chance to do, whether that work or leisure related (Yep, time for Netflix and pizza!) and have some you time, maybe a bath, face masks… this is also a good time to get your calendar up to date!

The space around you:
I don’t know about you but i can’t be organised in a messy environment. Clean area, clean mind. Everything should have a place of its own so this is your chance to clean your life.


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